Position Papers

Over the years Pacific Construction Consultants, in assisting our clients to achieve equitable construction contracts, have realized the need to establish our contracting position on several cost reimbursement issues independent of any current project or client need. Position Papers are prepared for the clients and friends of Pacific Construction Consultants to assist in understanding contracting issues.  Our various positions are based on what we believe to be AIA Contract intent and best practices from a project owner perspective, and are neither job nor client specific.

We have developed what we call Position Papers on the following subjects.  Any one of these Position papers may be obtained by requesting the papers online. We pre-screen all requesters and provide these papers free of charge to our existing clients and friends or prospective new clients. If you would like to review our position on any of the following subjects, please send Dana an email request.

If you would like to discuss our position on any of the subjects covered, please send Jon a request and he will arrange for a no charge telephone conference appointment.

  1. (Discretionary Payments) Should Owners approve reimbursement of bonuses, profit sharing, and other incentive compensation?
  2. (Savings Sharing) Is Savings Sharing a benefit to project Owners?
  3. (Owned Equipment Rentals) What is an equitable amount and rate to recover the cost of Contractor Owned Equipment Rentals?
  4. (Small Tools Markup) Should small tools, minor equipment and/or consumables be included in a field labor burden rate?
  5. (Job Cost Substantiation) Should Contractors be required to supply full and complete job cost substantiation?
  6. (Craft Fixed Labor Burden Rates) Should an Owner agree to a fixed labor burden rate for Craft Labor?
  7. (Staff Fixed Labor Burden Rates) Should an Owner agree to a fixed labor burden rate for Staff Labor?


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