Specialists in construction cost savings

Since 1980, we have worked on more than 900 construction projects. We are first and foremost a company specializing in construction cost savings audits for our clients. We also provide front end contract consulting in order to avoid miss-charges or over charges under cost reimbursable contracts. We also assist our clients with evaluation of cost proposals during contractor and subcontractor selection prior to contract award.

Free Telephone Consultation

If you have a question or need advice on a particular situation you might have encountered and don’t know for sure how to deal with, please don’t hesitate to set up a no-charge telephone consultation with one of our principals. Our long and detailed experience is available to assist our clients, prospective clients, and friends avoid the many pitfalls in contracting and contract administration. We enjoy providing this free service and welcome your email request.  Request your free phone consultation.

Experts in construction audits and contract preparation

We provide contract preparation and construction auditing services including contract negotiation support, Interim Construction Audits, and Pre-Close-Out Construction Audits. All of which are directed toward construction project cost savings for our Clients. If full construction auditing is not cost effective, we may perform Selected Audit Procedures for our clients. Each of these services is custom tailored to our clients’ needs, and each has proven to be very effective in terms of construction cost savings for our clients.

Utilizing our project management, construction contract consulting, contract administration, construction cost control and auditing experience, we are also able to assist our clients with avoiding or resolving potential construction claims. A summary of the services we offer is outlined below:

Construction Auditing:

  • Construction contractor invoice cost auditing services.
  • Auditing of Craft & Staff Labor hours, wages or stipulated rates charged to the construction project.
  • Auditing of Labor Burden costs such as employee benefits, Federal & State Unemployment Insurance, workers’ compensation, and other labor burden cost elements charged to the project.
  • Audit of Materials & Equipment costs charged to the project.
  • Audit of fixed price Subcontractors’ costs charged to the project.
  • Audit of cost reimbursable Subcontractors’ costs charged to the project
  • Audit of Contractor and Subcontractor Owned Equipment Rentals charged to the project.
  • Audit of Small Tools and other construction costs charged to the project.
  • Audit of General Liability and other insurance costs charged to the project.
  • Audit of Home Office Overhead costs charged to the project.
  • Audit of Fees and mark-ups of any kind charged to the project.

The goal of our construction contract auditing services is to ensure contractor compliance  with the contract agreement and secure cost savings when job charges have been found to be out of compliance. In the thirty year history of our company, we have achieved audit cost savings and recoveries in excess of the cost of our audit services on 99% of our projects. See our Results and Case Studies.

Pre-Contract Close Out Support:

  • Final Project Cost Reconciliation. Including Final Savings Sharing if applicable and Final Fee and other final cost markups that depend on final cost of the work.
  • Audit Adjustments to Job Costs Negotiation Support.

Contract Consulting:

  • Preparation of detailed Requests for Proposals.
  • Preparation of proposed contract commercial terms.
  • Evaluation of General Contractor & Subcontractor proposed contract terms for Fee & Overhead.
  • Evaluation of other proposed markups such as labor burden, small tools, business and other taxes as well as liability insurance and other construction contract terms.
  • Evaluation of proposed cost estimates.
  • Contract Negotiation support.

The goal of contract consulting services is to assist our Owner clients in understanding the cost implications of recommended contract terms and conditions. And to avoid significant construction cost audit issues on completion of the contract.

Construction Claims Administration:

  • Quantum Verification and Analysis.
  • Expert Witness Testimony.

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